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Building community in isolation with gratitude and grace. That is our mission!

Most of the USA is currently under a shelter in place order as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of us have lost our jobs; jobs that revolve around togetherness, around creating live music for a live audience, around the energy created in a concert hall. While we are experiencing the loss of this connection, we are also filling our new-found time with different connections. Our new normal is virtual concerts from our living rooms, classes on our computers, and digital bonding.

Nothing can replace face-to-face fellowship. But we can do our best with what we’ve been given. This book represents a sense of camaraderie from which we can all benefit in these times. It is a collection of personal and original exercises from the great piccolo players of our time... a present to you. It is their offering to our wonderful flute and piccolo community. I cannot thank these beautiful souls enough for contributing their time and sharing their hearts with us.

We have been given a gift in the form of an intermission. A respite from our daily grind. Let’s handle it with grace, with open hearts and thoughtful minds.

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